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absolutely t!mtastic! We had an awesome time at tim holtz class yesterday. what more could we ask for than a fabulously talented guy, so generous, funny and willing to share all that he can, and great friends to spend the day with. I have to say it was the most fun i had in a while, apart from the creating projects with the inner circle once a week. although i personally did not learn much as far as using his awesome products go, it was nice to get a glimpse into claudene helmutt's products and just to chill and have fun. of course the awesome t!m products i won (the very last one of the day - sjoe) and the free stuff is always great. don't get me wrong - it is not that i know everything and didn't learn, but if you are totally besotted with his stuff and ranger products like i am and have been playing with it since 2000 then you have pretty much tried and done anything and everything! of course it doesn't hurt that i was fortunate enough to spend lots of time with t!m and ranger in 2004. so on this high note...all i can say is how do you top this? well maybe a return visit by t!m in 4 years' time when his schedule opens up! waiting in anticipation! watch this space as well as imagine magazine for loads of t!m give-aways that are coming soon. I am just waiting on the box to arrive from t!m once he gets home and has a few relaxing days (yeah right). have a fabulous weekend!

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