grunge mini-album

1:22:00 PM here's the front of my now totally decorated grunge mini-album as done in T!m Holtz class on Friday. I went with the word blessed on the front - because I am blessed. The inside is not done yet but, the inner circle has very conveniently let us know what we can use it for. You unfortunately will have to wait and see. I have to confess that I am not a mini fan anymore. They are hard work and I often loose interest just before I am done and then it gets files just to be pulled apart at a later stage. I have however made my share of these little gems - but I think I find it frustrating because they tend to accumulate much faster than what i can find space for them to come into their own. But as for this little gem ...i will and treasure it forever! It does after all hold loads of memories!

close-ups of the front of my mini-album. I'm not naturally drawn to orange and yellow. These two colours are meant for nature - autumn leaves and sunflowers and nothing else. But strangely enough the orange worked well with the red and it was nice working with different colours other than my normal blues and browns. I simply adore and love all the metals that we have finally gotten our hands on.
Tomorrow I will share some special layouts with you that I really enjoyed doing...

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