i apologize

4:43:00 PM

I apologize to you all...but wanted a three column blog and finally found a very helpful person somewhere in the world that helped me out! amazing how one in a million will help you for free just because you asked and the other 900 000 just couldn't be bothered with you! Anyhow many thanks!
Please be patient as I edit and change and bring back the stuff that have been lost while saving the new template and while editing the HTML file! I am now officially a computer lingo geekess I guess. thanks for hanging in there!
Ok...so my hair is done, my bags are packed, I am making a little gift, the outfit is all ready and I wish it was morning already! C you girls in the morning bright and early....geesh we have to leave home at around 5:30 AM with the winter morning chill in full swing! I will be brave!

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