my sport ate your sport for breakfast

12:55:00 PM

supplied: Patterned paper & sticker 7Gypsies. Rub-ons Basic Grey. Other Resist ink, chalk ink, tags, paper clips, masking tape, brads, ribbon. Stamp Paperchain.
flying changes your life - and I am not talking about in a helicopter or on a plane...I'm talking flying as in having faith that God will give you wings and that you will fly instead if fall. I think that every person on earth should jump out of a plane at least once. I did several times and let me tell you it changes your life! Something inside of you happens when you deliberately jump (get pushed or fall) out of a plane. I will forever be grateful for the experience. I truly changes my outlook on life, how fragile it all is, how senseless it is and how we as humans crash and burn everyday. So if you are a scrapbooker or crafter...go jump out of a plane and see if you are still the selfish, ego centric b*^&% that you were. Yes I know it's harsh but its a fact. You will change the way you are towards people - all people!
to get back to the flying part...the thrill of strapping up your suit, getting into a plane that is duct taped together, the gages spinning around without stopping and the petrol leak as you head upwards off the run way...let me tell actually wanna jump out of the plane. Then the door opens and you think to yourself...o God what am I knows you are here...and then the arch and the jump and a couple of seconds later you are on mother earth scared to death heading to the office to book your next jump! psychotic to say the least!
Then there's paragliding...where you run off a mountain and sit up in the sky, unstable air shaking you around, for hours....and hours unable to get down....and you have so much time to think about life and death and life and death....and you are in awe at the beauty and you pray for forgiveness and you are scared! and that changes you too...for good i hope....
here's to flying and living on a prayer and a wing!

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