sharing the sun

4:49:00 PM

i love it when people can be inspired by others. that we can share our work and give a piece of ourselves freely. i am so inspired by others who share their work and creativity without the fear of someone taking away something from them - and i am even more inspired when Sonia comes to class, and for that matter all the other girls and share their work. something that they have taken, got inspired and made it their own. Sonia lets see what you do with this one...
1. The blue green flowers are stamped images using H2O's. You can also use normal ink, distress ink, acrylic paint, jik or glue. what will it be?
2. The checkered pattern across the side of the second page is machine stitched. will you have the guts to hand sew, draw lines with a marker, make fake stitches, use ribbon or maybe something else?
3. Down either side of the layout to frame in in i used eyelets. these can easily be replaced with brads, french knots, buttons, paper squares or ....
4. The masses of paper flowers, and some stamped ones too can easily be replaced with buttons, circles, punched hearts, bottle caps and even squares.
5. Don't forget the "L" as a title hidden in between the blooms? and what about the journaling strip running just towards the right of the smaller photos on the right page.
i hope you find something and someone that can insprie you this weekend. as for me I am inspired by colour, inks, spraying, mess, paint, stain and lots of paper for next week friday.
have a happy and creative weekend. oh and don't forget that the sun really is that big and that it really can shine on all of us at once every minute of every day!

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