2 in 24 hours

6:50:00 AM

and yet another puff adder! 2 in 24 hours is ridiculous. we were outside and the 2 small dogs were sniffing and barking at one of the flower beds. then black pulled back his head and we knew. Misha with her injuries barely able to walk ran up to the flower bed and just stood back....she knew that this is BIG trouble
Jayson grabbed the shotgun and minutes later the biggest mother i have ever seen, hidden between the flowers on the ground i couldn't even see it until it moved was dead. these things are so creepy and dodgy. we imagine that we got the mother and father...and now on the lookout for the babies either now or in the new season. scary man...we walk past that flower bed every day!
Misha is doing OK. we were able to bring her home yesterday but she is still in pain and so uncomfortable. she still has the babies for now, but the vet said she may still abort them in the next two weeks.
Come on doc - she just survived 3 puff adder bites, she is stronger than 3 lions. do you really think she will let her puppies go? you can see she wants this so badly!
anyhow, please pray that she will be fine! she is still in the danger zone.

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