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8:12:00 AM

how does one say thank you to friends and family when they are there for you in times when you really need them...well the only way i know how is to make stuff. this little piece sits on top of the glass of a gorgeous golden frame. the pattern paper is behind the glass while the actual image sits on top. the backing is stunning Moda fabric topped with a piece of rusty mesh. the image is from a sticker sheet by Design Originals and then simply finished off with a few hand sewn pearls and a piece of a stamped image.
so in anticipation of going to T!m's class on Friday, i bet i am not the only one who is truly excited and can't wait. i met T!m in 2004 while spending time with Anne & Vince of Ranger Industries. he truly is a work of art in many ways and a stunning teacher that is so passionate about what he does without the bitchiness of womanhood. i am all packed - pathetic i know...anyhow hoping to post some awesome and inspiring photos of the event and projects here on Saturday! have a fabulous and crafty day!

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