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i absolutely love my alcohol inks! such a pity that the suppliers in South Africa are having such problems supplying us with the necessary quantities we need to fulfill this need within us! Oh well - so to soak my sorrows I thought I would share this project with you. These are little memory glass frames available from most supermarket stores. They measure 4 x 6 inches. The hardboard is covered with glass and four metal clips keep everything together.
So here's what you will need:
Alcohol inks, glass frame, rubber stamp, black dye ink, white card stock.

step 1: Undo the clips from the frame and separate all the parts.

step 2: cut a piece of white card stock the same size as your frame. Stamp your image in black ink on the white card stock and set aside. Combine two or three images together to form a collage effect if you like.

step 3: turn your glass over so that the side that was facing the paper inner is now on top. This side is generally free from any greasy marks. Use your alcohol inks and create a coloured area on your glass. Do not mix too many colours or else it will turn to mud.

step 4: once you are happy with the result leave the glass to dry. Turn over the glass and make your sandwich with the hardboard, then your stamped image, and then the glass and clip them together. Remember at this point you should turn over the glass so that the alcohol ink is on the inside facing your stamped image.

tips and tricks
  • to create the blobs on the alcohol ink, drip small drops of blending solution on top of your ink and let it bleed to form interesting effects.
  • if you hate the look, clean off the alcohol ink with the blending solution and start again.
  • use a single colour or combine 2-3 colours together.
  • these make really cute little gifts to hang in your guest loo, a babies nursery or the kitchen.

supplies: Alcohol ink Ranger Industries. Stamp PSX (discontinued). Ink Archival Black. Ribbon in photo Hanna Silk. Other Memory frame.

**PS this morning, while still on a cleaning spree that has lasted about 2 weeks now I found some pretty dotty serviettes (i think they were intended for an ATC swap) i had some inspiration. So watch out for some frosty covered notebooks as a result of this cleaning spree.

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