blog candy winners...

1:24:00 PM

and the winners are....Debbie Harris (magazines) and Yvonne Hellyar (e-zines) as chosen by my random chooser #1...Jayson! My apologies for the delay. I will get your parcels out next week.
So this is KC the easter bunny who has brought me nothing but absent-minded-ness and an urge to clear out my stash. KC was given to me by none other than my friend Kathi Chapman! Isn't he too cute! It has been a liberating 2 days so far and I am taking it slowly because this time it is for real. So far I have chucked away past bosses and workers..YEAH-HAH!!! I have chucked out all projects, paper work and stash that has anything remotely to do with the past. It has been long overdue but I have finally buckled down and TRASHED everything. In some ways I think this stuff has always kept me caught in a place and time that is over and now I have finally let go! Then I have filled plenty of boxes with cards gone to my mom to use, boxes of paper for a lady who does work with mentally and physically challenged kids and adults, and some other things for the girls. All my boxes are now colour coded with a colour swatch on the front and all the boxes only has paper in it. Then there are a few boxes I managed to empty (gasp), and then a few more with props and ribbon to do. I figure about another day or two that I will be missing in action. Have a blessed Sunday!

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