inchie boxes

12:16:00 PM if you are sick and tired of hearing about me sorting and throwing away and discovering new old things then i apologize- but that's in our nature as scrapbookers, mixed media artists and crafters...we hoard, we gather, we intend to make, we throw away and gather more and then we create. so while cleaning i found millions (ok a lot)of these little one inch boxes cut for wedding favours that was never made. so i started gathering all the packaging on my table, stamps, and odd buttons and beads and stuff and made some of these. added a few splashes of glitter and there you have it. i think they will make for cute xmas tree decorations with the right colours and theme, or even for easter and halloween and thanksgiving and birthdays or anything else we creative souls can dream up. i will have a few suspended somewhere. have a wonderful and blessed creative week.

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