Tombow or Bust - Tombow DT call.

9:16:00 AM

I have always been an "adhesive" snob - there i said it! When it comes to adhering things to my layouts and cards or simply creating a DIY recycled project, you can be sure I will grab my Tombow mono multi adhesive first. My first encounter with this adhesive was in 1998 - yip, dare i even think that far back. It was when i was fortunate enough to get to know this amazing glue - and i have never looked back. In my stash you won't find all those nasty smelling adhesives that make you gasp for air, or the ones that come apart when left in the boot of your car for a few hours....
yes you know the ones.
Sharing today are a few examples of how i use my Tombow everyday as I apply for their design team - hoping and wishing i can share my wonderful Tombow journey with all!
On this layout I made my own gold and silver leafed accents. I simply used the wide tip at the bottom of my Tombo Mono Multi adhesive bottol and add a thin layer of adhesive to plain white cardstock. I let the glue dry totally until it becomes tacky, and then lay a sheet of gold leaf over it, lightly smooth it out with my fist and cut into smaller pieces to use. Quick and easy!
I am not a huge fan of dimension, but every now and then i want to use those beautiful Prima flowers. and nothing sticks them down quite like Tombow! Always and every time - permanently!
and then....i can never create all those wonderful recycled DIY projects without my Tombow.
For this recycled tin can I used my Mono Multi adhesive to adhere the die-cut paper strip, to hold the baker's twine in position, and to adhere my resin elements together.
I am yet to be disappointed by this totally awesome and versatile adhesive!
a drop of Tombow here and there around the top edge of my tin can, leave it to become tacky, and then wrap my twine around the top edge. This will ensure that the twine won't sag and hang as it looses it's tension.
here's to many more sticky situations, without the mess and fuss of course!
Have a wonderful Sunday!

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