Chiswick - embossing tools for curling flowers.

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So after 2 weeks of rain (bliss) and some awful flooding in areas so close to us we finally seem to be back on line with constant internet access. Creating quick gifts using scrapbooking supplies is one of my favourite things to do - not only can you personalize something that comes from the heart it can be fun trying something a little different. I had some empty glass jars from Mr Price and i filled this one with some honey. I used some of the new Prima die-cut flowers to add to the lid, but before i added them i wanted to give them some dimension. What better way to add dimension then using the Chiswick Embossing tool with a large 12 and 14mm ball at two opposing ends.
Normally embossing tools have small ends and it takes a lot more work to create the type of dimension i wanted to achieve, so this tool was really amazing for what i wanted to achieve.
I placed the die-cuts onto a piece of foam and gently rolled the embossing tool in the center of the flowers. As you roll in the center the ends curl up creating dimension. it really is that easy and simple!
The secret is rolling onto the foam - a hard firm surface will not work for this.
Notice how the tips of the white largest flower curls the opposite way again? Well here's how i did....
I curled the edges of the flowers outwards using my Chiswick Bone folder. Place the bone folder under the petals and hold the petal lightly with your thumb and then pull the bone folder outwards curling the petal downwards. I then used the embossing tool by rolling it in the center and made the petals pop up towards the middle. Then layer the flowers on top of each other for a gorgeous dimensional look. This will work great on gift boxes, a bunch of flowers or a card.

Products used: cr1115 Embossing Tool with 12mm & 14mm Tip, cr1200 Plastic Bone Folder and Prima Botanical Tea Collection Flowers

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