Paint swatches and the swine...flu

5:49:00 PM

ok..I am down! Not sure if it really is the swine that got to me or maybe just the fact that my house is somewhat of a pigsty at the moment with all the projects going on? Huh?
Anyhow I have all the symptoms and should maybe have it checked out. Or maybe it is just the sleepless nights from having our fence cut, broken in and being kept awake by the flood of daylight farm attacks around our area. It's all so senseless but being kept awake by these buggers is not fun. Our alarm kept on going off four five times a night with a dead short - this means it has been cut (which it was in several places including our bottom gate only meters from my front door)...testing to see the response time of the security company and followed by quite a few gunshots...aaah nothing like living in good old Africa!
So needles to say I don't feel very colourful and have been sleeping for the last three days! But came across this layout this afternoon while doing some meaningless browsing for inspiration. I loved doing this layout. I used paint swatches from the local hardware store (where I am now thoroughly watched as I approach the paint section) and stamped onto them using black Stazon ink. Each colour swatch is then followed and supported by flowers in the same colour and finished off with an embellishment as well. The chipboard title was coloured using Chalk ink pads in the same colours. A quick and easy layout..and economical until you get to the part of using loads of brads and flowers!
**Here's a tip for...visit several different hardware and paint stores when collecting your swatches - especially if you live in a small town like we do. They get quite funny when you keep on going back and collecting more - apparently not everyone can see the crafting potential in these little beauties.
Have a wonderful and SAFE weekend!

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