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OK so looks like we are back in took about 3 seconds to upload this photo this morning! WOW! Anyhow..the last of the puppies are leaving the nest. It is hard to believe that we have come to love twelve little fluffy creatures and now they are all gone - hopefully they have all gotten really good loving homes!
This time of year seems to be on a downward slope...time goes nowhere and things are just happening too fast. Lots of exciting things on the cards though and lots of projects to work on for now and next year. I have also managed to purge some more stuff - although it be onto a friend who has loaded her car filled with magazines, projects, frames and stuff to take back to their new larger and improved shop. And talking about their shop...I thought about Amanda Harrod who is born to shop. Well by day 2 of shopping paper and embellishments and flowers and stuff I am sick to my stomach...literally! I wish Amanda was here to help - being a focused shopper and a professional we could have used the helped. Don't get me wrong - we did manage to spend a huge amount of money and fill a 4x4 to the roof! Not bad at all. However...has anyone had enough of the road works in Gauteng all in preparation for 2010. Man I would rather stay home than be stuck on the highway one more day! Well that's me for this mroning! Lots of projects to photograph today and then some creative blogging...and with the internet connection being fast again I can upload a stack of photos! Yeah-hah!

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