in anticipation of spring...

4:59:00 PM

Waiting for spring as the trees in our garden are showing small little green fluffs that I only noticed this morning. So I thought I would share this spring project I did a few years ago. The handbag itself is made of tin that I covered in pretty K&Company paper (who remembers that line?). The paper was basically modged to the 'tin'. The V-flap on the front and back was covered in paper and silk flowers decorated with buttons and brads. On the front,on top of the paper flowers is an acetate butterfly decorated with glitter glue.
Now the handles were a different story - as I recall it took me about 7 nights to cover the handles in little ribbon knots...what was I thinking? Every night after work I would tackle the handles and a couples of hours later it still looked and felt as id I was never going to finish.
And who the hell actually appreciated this spark of genius? The ribbon I used was a tiny 3mm embroidery ribbon - now had I used a thicker and bulkier ribbon it might have been a different story all together! Once the baby was done and decorated I took it to have flowers put in for the photo shoot...those tulips really were magical! still waiting on Spring ...

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