Painfully slow internet and some ATCs

3:35:00 PM

Our Internet has been painfully slow for over a week now. Funny how the rest of the world especially the USA has such quick Internet access and unlimited it seems. Logging onto the overseas blogs are painful for us here in Africa - they take ages to download and then at the end of the month you pay your a.... off for your Internet subscription! I hope this will soon change for the better - maybe then updating my blog will be a pleasure instead of a chore. This is not always the case - some months and weeks our connection is so fast and you download 1MB a second - FRIGHTENING when it comes to billing time! but a pleasure for blogging! Now why would that be I ask you??
Anyhow..after a really tough week things seem to let up a lot with a great offer just to get worse!! But that's a story for another day!
Here are some Artist Trading Cards I made ages ago. The theme for the swap was 'Winged Things' and these were just some of my then attempts!
I love working with alcohol inks. This background happened by pure luck or mistake. I spilled some alcohol inks onto old book paper and the result was really cool. I stamped the images onto clear tacky plastic, added a few silver leafing flakes to the sticky side and covered the background with it. Pretty easy but really effective.

I love ATCs as you can simply experiment on a small scale and chuck the flops and keep what you like - or simply give them to someone who will not know any better!

I hope everyone is having a creative day!
Look out for some awesome TIM HOLTZ give-aways on my blog here at the end of the month - courtesy of the man himself! Such a generous soul!! Thanks again Tim!

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