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As i read Heidi Swapp's blog post today, tears were rolling down my face. It hit home!
as memory keepers we have a responsibility to tell the stories - the good, the bad the ugly. I have had my fair share of the not so pretty stories in life, have had more brushes  with death than i care to experience in one lifetime and i am sure there will be many more. for a long time, just like the Swapp family now, i have had a passion for those struggling with life in general and people affected by suicide. it's a silent struggle - a struggle people don't know about and very few will ever understand. they think they do, but in fact we never will truly understand it. I am so thankful that Heidi and her family have peace and hope in Jesus Christ their Savior...the Prince of Peace. people think they know, but in the end only GOD knows. One thing i klnow to be true is....we are all fighting our own battle...
in closing these wise words....Cory is not gone, he has just gone AHEAD!
for now...this is me at my happiest! teaching, interacting, inking, stamping and making a mess - making and keeping memories, telling stories. I truly love this stuff, and am thankful that God smiles upon me and blesses me with this life.
 i am truly blessed and honoured to be able to do this! God is faithful!
Thank you to Annemarie for getting me in some decent photos - part of my journey - telling my story!

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