Couture Creations DIY Baroque Plant Tin.

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 Every so often we rediscover something that we have and really have never used to its full potential. This happened while looking for a die-cut to use on a project, and so came to be this recycled tin. It can really be used for anything from a plant container, to storing pens, small trinkets etc.
 But here’s how I created this beautiful luxurious look using a single die cut and some other items.

 step 1 - Die-cut the Vallicola die out of white smooth cardstock. I needed 5 to run around the rim of my tin.
 step 2 - Colour the die-cuts using Bloom mist in the colour Gold Foil. This is the most amazing colour and really looks spectacular.
 step 3 - Adhere the die-cuts to the painted tin using 3D Matte Gel. I used the gel because of its 3D qualities. I knew that it would create some texture around the die-cuts as it build up and that was perfect for this project.
 step 4 - Once the gel is dry, add a layer of dark wax using a stipple brush. Buff it using an old t-shirt.
 step 5 - add a layer of clear wax using the t-shirt and then buff it to a shine. It will make the surface really smooth and give it a luxurious touch.
And so I created this beautiful tin with a lovely die-cut paper band around it. Once the wax settled, I finished it off with a few red diamanté just for that added sparkling effect. So even if you have a single die cut, remember that repetition is one of the key design principles, and can even help create a stunning effect by repeating a single patterned several times.

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