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4:29:00 PM

It really is amazing how friends inspire each other. Someone in America or somewhere in the world inspired someone, who inspired someone else, who mailed a link, who watched a video and made a swatch book, and who inspired me... After seeing Cariena's swatch book made for her moo cards, I knew that it would be the future home of my Artistic Women Altered Tags swap hosted earlier this year. Somehow they never came to their full right - but now, oh boy do they do it for me! So this is what I made on Friday afternoon....
Honestly it was about a 15 min project if you take away the 1 hour I spent feeding the 12 puppies and playing with them....The paper were scraps in my box under my table and the butterfly as well - it only changed colour slightly to match the altered book paper also from the scrap box. So this project literally took nothing, cost nothing and gave me endless pleasure!
Thanks to everyone who inspires anyone and who shares ideas freely. And Cariena I still think your moo card swatch book rocks! Off to feed the monsters again - but soon they will leave home and how we will miss the monsters...all 12 of them!

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