lingering project....

12:32:00 PM

This project has been lingering for a few years now. It all started in 2002 with distress inks when I distressed the pages in the middle of this book. I then drilled holes in the four corners and attached it with hardware screws to the inside of the lid of a box.
Well, then nothing. It has been kicked and bashed around and moved and thrown out and saved plenty of times. This year it resurfaced again...
So I added the angel image on the rusty mesh, and then the heart covered in a luxurious red velvet paper with the grungeboard flourish.

Followed by rolled up vintage pieces of paper above and below...

followed by a favourite quote:
Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart. William Wordsworth.

... and then came a mass of stamped tags...with tons of bees wax.
I think it is still a work in progress - but for now I am stuck. I can clearly see the image in my mind of where I want it to go, but the actual doing is lacking. Sometimes I wish I could pass it on to someone else to do something and then give it back so I can continue! I wish!
Have a wonderfully creative day.

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