puppy update

7:29:00 AM

How cute is this little guy? Well the puppies are almost 4 weeks old now and the sight of 12 little balls of fur running on the lawn is quite the picture. The one cuter than the next and all so lovable. They are now at the stage where they are looking for things to chew on and play and simply love being outside. There is one specific one that is of course the naughty one and he was the first to climb over the little wooden fence and sit outside on the lawn - did you say naughty...mmmmm maybe adventurous.
Needless to say they are a sight - and it is then that you realise how great God is. These puppies are so innocent and are quite content with eating, sleeping and playing and life could not be more fulfilling or simple for them. Maybe just maybe there is a lesson in there somewhere for us humans. Have a wonderful puppy day filled with love!

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