2+6=12 puppies and something to restore

9:54:00 AM

so its been a while since i have been here blogging. you now the feeling when life gets in the way of creativity and other stuff get precedence...well that's where I've been - dealing with life,
and I've been working...so it hasn't all been bad.
for starters i cleaned and washed and scrubbed this set of drawers. they are drawers that my late father used in his medical practise - they held the stuff to put stitches in wounds....does this even make sense. oh well, i have great sentiment over these little drawers and so i finally got a set out of my mom to use. i am still not sure how i want to decorate them or what to put in them. i have managed to get some kind of system of storage that works for me and now i have these...decisions decisions.
i will let you know as they progress and post some pictures once it is done.
as far as Misha goes....our pregnant mommy who survived 2 snake bites, anti-venom, a night in doggy hospital...she is doing fine. she had her babies last week Thursday during the afternoon and the evening. by 2 pm in the afternoon there were 2 puppies, by 6 there were 6 puppies and the following morning at breakfast.....there were 12!!
they are truly adorable - healthy happy and growing rapidly! mmmm 12 puppies that you just want to snuggle up to. so there's your evidence of the true power of prayer,
the grace of God and a smart mommy dog who really loves her babies.
as for daddy Labrador...well he roams the yard like a true guard dog for the first time in his life. at least she got him off his butt to start doing something.
i will post some pics soon.
have a wonderful creative weekend.

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