Quick Valentines mini-album using playing cards, Simple Stories & Crate paper scraps.

5:17:00 PM

it's that crazy time of the year again so soon after Christmas and new year where the commercial and fake side of life kicks in - where flowers and chocolates are way over priced and everyone thinks they have to show love with something red and expensive instead of something real and from the heart. i made this little mini album last year and never sort of finished it - yes i have issues with mini albums and finishing them off - seems like a lot of work for little reward (in my opinion). anyways, so i made this last year. i used playing cards as the base for my pages and covered them with scraps of Simple Stories and Crate papers, and then added some webster's quote cards and some Kaisercraft pearls, the odd strip of washi tape and sticker and that was about it.
for my cover i added this beautiful epoxy heart sticker - remember those from a million years ago...and to this day i love it! a simple concertina fold was made using grey and white simple stories stripe paper and the pages where then adhered to them to create the view you see below - colourful and happy. oh i forgot the point i was making way in the beginning of this post - i have this thing, if you cant show someone you love them everyday, then why bother on a single specific day of the year? only my opinion...so no chocolates or fancy gifts or dinners for my DH...only an old mini made a year ago, fileld with sentiment and real stuff!
the pages are decorated simply and without fuss
beautiful quotes = real
a map, buttons, pearls and a flower or two
a close up of the pages as they sit inside the cover
some sewing this time before hand...i normally sew through everything and then cover all evidence
and a peek at the washi tape under the red heart
something simple and real - uncomplicated like my love for him - honest, true, faithful, 
flawed and non-judgmental...
hope you have a wonderful valentines day!

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