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Happy new year to everyone!here's wishing you a wonderful new year - one filled with all good things. my word for 2014 is grow - for lots of reasons. this past year was as good as it was difficult. so grow i will in many different ways. i see growth in my business, i see growth in my faith and personal relationship with God, i see growth in making it work for me, growing in confidence, to flourish in life, friendship, relations and career, to evolve and move forward from the pettiness that surrounds me. it's a positive start, a step in the right direction of growth as i set my mind on it all.
and as i grow in getting more organized and set into routines completed my cover page for my 2014 Project Life album. i am so not a green person so this was a challenge for me. but with growth comes green and life and organizing - the green paper is the inside of a Kate's Paperie bag from New York that i cut up and used. it's time to get rid of those things gathering dust and prohibiting growth and this was a good start to it all. to mix things up i added pink, red, avocado and black into the mix for fun. so now with all good intentions i am on track with my album and hope to keep it up and not fall behind. How's your album coming along?
wishing you a creative day week and year! thanks for stopping by!

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