American Crafts Toolkit - a must have for crafters.

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As a craftsman (well women) I love a good tool. And if you give it to me in kit form even better! But the real bonus is when it comes beautifully packaged in a handy and sturdy tin. Oh and a little bit of pink helps too. This is what the new AC i-Tool kit offers you along with its super functional tools inside. This all in one kit is all I need when I need to create on the go. It has everything I need all in a very cute tin that is compact and travel friendly. I used this kit along with a single adhesive to complete my Project Life Cover page for 2014. I really needed nothing else apart from a few embellishments to dress up my page. I liked that I didn’t need a stack of things to be creative and didn’t even have to be at my usual work space to complete the page.

Here’s how I used the tools in my kit…

Embossing tool
I had a little PL card with a heart printed on it but apart from that it was pretty bland. So I used a little rub-on and added it directly onto the heart with ease using my embossing tool. This instantly gave my heart some character.
Paper Piercer
To further dress up my heart I used the paper piercer to make evenly spaced holes around the edge of the printed heart. I then used embroidery thread and a sewing needle to sew my heart in a bright pink thread to add some colour.
I added a chipboard Prima element to a pink PL card using Tombow Mono Multi adhesive. I then made a small hole in the top edge using the hammer and eyelet setter with the hole tip on the front. I then added a brad. Opened up the legs on the back and hammered them flat to prevent them from catching on the pockets when I insert it. I also hammered the brad on the front to give it a well-worn and stressed look.
Eyelet setter
I again used the hole maker from the eyelet setter to create small holes directly onto a quote I printed. I then backed the holes using bright pink paper and adhered it to my green base paper. The pink is no visible against the green and makes for an interesting effect.
The rest of my page was completed with some sewing on my sewing machine, lettering and photos. All the cutting was done using the handy scissors included in the kit.
This makes for a really handy gift for anyone starting up a creative hobby like card-making, scrapbooking or even for back to school teenagers. I know my niece would love a kit like this. this is a fabulous gift and a must have for every crafter.
Products used
i-Tool Basics Toolkit [AC 400002]
Project Life Mini Kit - Childhood (100 Cards) [AC 380047]
Project Life Core Kit - Blush (616 Cards) [AC 380041]
Project Life Photo Pocket Pages - Design A (12 Pages) [AC 380004]
Tombow Mono Multi Glue [TB 62191]

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