the Christmas Magazine on sale now.

2:43:00 PM

since i was a little girl i always knew that i would work for a magazine one day when i was big. well at an early age this came true and i have gone from publishing to being magazine editor and now i can proudly say photographer for a magazine as well. for the past couple of years i have been involved in the Christmas Magazine making craft projects that can keep the kids busy over the holidays and festive season. This year i got to photograph the projects myself too, did the styling for a fun and brightly coloured Christmas Table and some gift wrapping ideas too. I loved every minute of it and it just reaffirmed that my heart and passion does lie in publishing crafts!
so if you are in South Africa...have a look out for this copy in stores now! and one of the photos in the magazine and my absolute favourite one - it was a case of that AHA light bulb kind of moment Oprah always talked about!
i hope you are getting into the festive spirit! we have our BIG Santa's Workshop coming up next week Saturday and it's going to be a blast! the day will include 2 double page layouts, cards, gift tags and a gift wrapping demo, oh and we will eat lots of Christmas inspired foods and drinks. i am working on some fun decor elements to get the ladies in the mood! i promise to share photos! here's hoping they all dress in blue, red, white and green so we have some awesome photos to scrap!

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