3/25 - double embossing.

3:36:00 PM

One of my favorite things to do with my embossing folders is to use 2 designs together on the same piece of paper.This does not work equally well with all designs of embossing folders and with all techniques it came about with trial and error and finally success.
tip # 3 - use two embossing folders to create a texture
1. Choose your piece of cardstock plain, inked or printed
2. Choose your first embossing folder and emboss onto your cardstock through your Cuttlebug
3. Remove from the embossing folder and place into the second design embossing folder
4. Emboss and remove to reveal your double embossed image
Tips and tricks
As i said it doesn't work as well with all designs. I have found that combining a "dot" with any other design gives the best results.
When you emboss the first design it will look normal - "embossed", but once you add it through the Cuttlebug again using a second embossing folder the first design will be flattened from the pressure but will still be visible - magic i tell you!
For my sample tag i used the "Sugarplum Ball" embossing folder first and second the "Grunge Dots". you can clearly see the sugarplum design visible in the background but flat, and the grunge dots on top nice and dimensional.
this is one of my all time favourite techniques with my embossing folders - i hope you will have fun trying this technique and experimenting with your different embossing folders to create funky backgrounds.

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