passionate about project life.

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My passion for Project Life continues as i start to share more of it across the country bit by bit. At the end of October Scrapbook Studio had their Pine Lodge event and i got to teach 6 hours of Project Life. it would have been a grueling task but the ladies were so excited and took to it like ducks to water which made it a really wonderful experience. it was either going to be a hit or a miss and it was a BIG hit with the delegates. i loved how they carefully selected their little cards (which took the longest of time by far) and then carefully placed them in the pockets after dressing them up with loads of techniques. i am so thankful for the opportunity through various people but most of all to The Wholesaler for listening and taking advice to bring in this wonderful concept to South Africa.
i am by no means caught up with my album - but that's the great thing - it's OK. because in the end i have loads of half empty pockets with sticky notes of what happened where and when and i can take my time and journal and add them at my leisure! i can be as creative as i want to be...or do a simplistic layout - whatever gets me going that week. Hope you Project Lifers are still hanging in there. wishing you all a real life experience this week - filled with creativity off course!

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