25 days of Cuttlebug tips and techniques.

4:57:00 PM

so i had this crazy idea to do 25 techniques and tips using my favourite die-cutting machine - The Cuttlebug! along with this crazy idea was to use if combined with my December daily album so that i could get everything done in 25 days and be good and ready for December. [insert LOL] anyways so i am off to a slow start, since by now i have done so many Christmas events and layouts and cards i could move right on to Valentines.
so here's where i am at. we will officially start tomorrow with the first tip. but if you are new to scrapbooking and machines here's a little background. 
i first fell in love with the green machine at it is affectionately referred to in my house with the V1 model. the machine was green which was a shock to every scrapper who had a pink room (not me) but it worked. it was a sturdy machine that would stand the test of time. and if you are like me you will try just about anything in this little sucker. and even after 7 years i am yet to be disappointed by it's strength and versatility. but why i like this little guy so much is because i use it every day! it's small and compact but big enough to emboss and cut almost anything apart from the obvious large dies. it folds into a tiny manageable size and fits into most cupboards easily. you can use other dies and embossing folders with it without a problem and above all it is a really good price.
with the V2 model came a slick and sexy machine - same sturdy and hard working, affordable machine.
here are a few tips you will need to know:
  • the Cuttlebug has a suction function so that when you unfold the base to open the machine it will sit firmly onto your smooth work table
  • the plates in the machine are used to build up the height needed for either embossing or die-cutting
  • the plates need to be aligned on the front and back for the machine to work correctly. if the plates are lined up correctly and inserted the handle will start turning on its own and you know you are good to go
  • the sandwich configuration - the order in which the plates are stacked - is very very important. if done incorrectly it may damage your machine (i experience this in a class once - and very unpleasant)
  • apart from that this machine is so easy to use! 
so if you are considering buying a machine or have one, then stick around or come back for a visit to learn my easy approach using this versatile little bug. until tomorrow....

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