POP Paint – an Easter inspired transfer project.

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On the blog today I am sharing a relic inspired project just in time for Easter celebrations. Whatever your faith, this quick and easy project can inspire some fun home decor items. So let your imagination take flight. I created this wooden plaque with a transfer image on it, a POP Paint base and some vintage details as finishing touches.
step 1 – Paint a wooden block in a light coloured POP paint colour.
step 2 – Print your selected image onto typing paper. I printed my image on an inkjet printer.
step 3 – Adhere the image face down onto the painted wooden block using gel medium to transfer the image.
step 4 – Once the gel medium is dry, wet the image with a sponge soaked in water. Keep on wetting the image and rubbing away at the paper.
step 5 – Keep on soaking and rubbing away the paper. Check every now and again to make sure the image transfers onto the wood and the paper rubs off.
step 6 – Once all the paper is removed, paint another layer of gel medium over the image.
I adhered some extra strips of paper to the wooden block, added paint splats and some old rusty nails.
Decorate the edge of the wooden block using washi tape.

Add stamped images to finish off the decorative block.
POP paint offers a wonderful base for transfers onto wood. Create wooden plaques and signs
using a variety of colours from the POP paint range of paints.
Look for them at your local craft store and hardware store – perfect for whenever you need a POP of colour in your life!

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