Cupid’s Arrows.

4:42:00 PM

With the month of love looming I wanted to create some fun elements using the Lady Pattern Paper papers. What better way to surprise some friends than to shoot them with an arrow filled with love and friendship? Even the kids can join in on this fun activity, making their own friendship arrows.

Here’s how I made mine…
Step 1
Paint some sosatie sticks using gold paint. I bought a whole bag of these very handy sticks.
Step 2
Punch some hearts out of Lady Pattern Paper in red and pink. You will need 2 hearts per arrow. Use a hot glue gun to adhere the stick to the one heart. Then add some more glue and adhere the top heart sandwiching the stick in between the two paper hearts.
 Step 3
Position a feather at the top of the stick and then secure using gold thread by repeatedly wrapping the thread around the feather. Use a small amount of dimensional glaze to secure the ends of the gold thread.
Decorate your Cupid’s arrows with some diamanté and other embellishments.
 Write a little note and attach it to the arrows using baker’s twine, add a little chocolate and you are sorted to spread the love.

If you are new to Lady Pattern Paper - head on over to meet the Lady and get to see all her wonderful papers and stickers available.
Gotta love our local talent in South Africa!

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