Project Life details using the Xyron Creative Station.

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Welcome to May – can you believe how time flies? With the cooler weather our way here in the South I am creeping deeper into my craft space and catching up on my Project Life album. I am so excited to be incorporating the Xyron Creative Station in my Project Life. It sure has made some things so much easier. Today I am sharing a nice and easy tip, making your life a lot easier.

I like using delicate and sometimes not so delicate die-cuts into my Project Life layouts. But sometimes inking and adding colour to these die-cuts can be tricky. So here’s how I solved my dilemma Step 1 – Place the Permanent Adhesive cartridge into your Creative Station.
Step 2 – Die-cut some borders out of white cardstock. Feed the borders through the Xyron to add the adhesive.
Step 3 – Peel away the top plastic protective layer after removing the die-cuts from the machine.
Step 4 – While the die-cuts are still on the backing from the adhesive sheet, use a sponge to ink the die-cuts.
I used two different colours of ink to ink my borders, and then used a black ink to stamp a small pattern onto the borders.
TIP: By leaving the die-cuts on the backing sheet, you can easily ink, stamp and alter the plain white cardstock into something really special.
Step 5 – Remove the altered borders from the backing sheet and adhere it to your photos or project.
Step 6 – Use your Chiswick scissors to cut off any excess of the die-cut from your photo.
Step 7 – Add any additional embellishments and decorations to your die-cuts, and then insert them into your Project Life sleeves.
I love how the Xyron can make something so simple even easier. In a few easy steps I could cut, add adhesive and ink my borders without any issues.
The Adhesive backing paper comes in really handy as an inking surface eliminating unnecessary transfers onto a craft sheet. Have you bought yourself a Creative Station yet? Well i think now is a good time to do so – the possibilities are endless.
Acid-Free Permanent Adhesive Refill Cartridge (18′) xt1605
5″ Creative Station Machine xr0510
Head on over to the website to view all the products in the Xyron family available from Chiswick.

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