Silhouette CAMEO home décor project.

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I am constantly amazed by the possibilities of the Silhouette CAMEO®. I always knew it would be the one thing that can be used in a million different ways – but now I am living it. So this week I wanted to create something using vinyl, but since it meant a trip to the shops I settled for something I can do here and now using my American Crafts smooth black cardstock until I can get to the shops. 

I wanted to create two little wooden vintage looking plaques for our dogs. I had the wood and with some cardstock I would set about making these cute little wooden signs in no time at all using the Silhouette CAMEO®
I started off by importing a Jack Russell silhouette image into my library.
I wanted to cut to of the same images but the one inverted from the other one simply because I have another project in mind, and simply flipping the cut image over would not work for this purpose.
So I went to my Object menu and clicked onto the Replicate tab, and then selected Mirror right – this flipped my image over so that my doggie was now facing left instead of right – so cool in a simple click.
 I then dragged my images where I wanted them and deleted the extra images.
i t hen traced my images by selecting both images and then clicked the trace outline button.
  deleted my black images which left me with my red outlines only – my cutting lines.
 Once I was happy with that I loaded my cutting medium, black smooth American Crafts cardstock and cut my images.
 I kept the cut out paper, which created instant stencils for me to use on my next project I have planned.

The silhouette images I am going to use for my plague is going to be adhered to a piece of wood. I used my Tombow Mono Multi adhesive and added a thin layer all around the image, and left it to dry until the glue was totally clear and tacky.

  • TIP: did you know that leaving Tombo Mono Multi to dry on a surface and then adhering it makes if a temporary adhesive that you can lift and re-apply several times – so we made our own sticky backed stencils.
 Once the glue was dry I adhered my image and painted my brown chalk paint over it, being careful not to apply too much paint otherwise it might run under my cardstock image.
 Once the brown was dry I added a layer of cream chalk paint and left that to dry.
 Once the cream chalk paint was dry I used my Couture Creations paper piercer to catch the cardstock image and lift one end of it carefully.
 I then carefully lifted my image off of the painted block of wood.
 Lastly I sanded and distressed the plaque and added layers of dark and clear was to seal the paint and add a nice vintage finishing touch.
This was a fun project to make, and although I didn’t have my vinyl, I could easily adjust it slightly by creating cardstock silhouette images to use instead.
If you are looking for images to cut, a quick Google search for FREE doggie silhouette images helped me out this time around. Products used in this project

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