Bleached out stamped images - did you know you can bleach Distress Stains and ink?

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So, did you know you can bleach out Distress Stain and Inks? bet you didn't! well
last year i was pushed to the limits and wanted to see if the ink and stain from ranger would bleach? Because that's what a girls does right? Right!
I was amazed and smitten with the outcome - so today let me share another little card i did for Chiswick using one of their beautiful stamps to bleach out.

So last week i used bleach on the Chiswick cardstock and loved the effect – this week I am using their stamps together with some inks to create a beautiful and pretty card for someone special.
Sometimes all you need is a gorgeous image and some scraps of paper to create with. I create a coloured background using inks and then stamped my bodice image in black in onto the coloured cardstock. I then used bleach and a paintbrush to colour some portions of the dress dummy – the bleach, bleached out the ink on the background highlighting the stamped image – and making it the focal point of my card.

I absolutely love this effect! A few key embellishments, machine sewing and a stamped sentiment is all i needed to finish off this card.
The main focal point of my card remains in tact, and my embellishments supports the theme rather than distracting from it.
 The more bleach you add the whiter the ink will go!
The darker your inked background is the better the image will bleach and the more amazing the effect will be - warning: this is addictive!
Tips and tricks:
remember to use a black permanent ink pad to stamp with, otherwise the bleach will also bleach out your stamped image totally.
Return unused bleach to it’s opaque bottle once done – when bleach comes into contact with light, it looses it’s functionality.
Avoid working with bleach when you are wearing new or dark coloured clothes....just don't
Just a warning - i tried this technique on many different cardstocks, and my technique cardstock works the best!

What have you used your Chiswick stamps for lately?
Hop on over to the Chiswick website at
to view their stunning range of stamps to create your next project with!

PS: and here's my first card i did using the bleach on distress stains

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