The Creative Block – how to get your mojo back without spending money.

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It happens to all of us - when hours and hours of staring into space wanting to be creative and nothing happens. When everything you touch turns to a big old mess and you end up destroying more projects than what you actually create. Sound familiar? Yes it does – and I am honest enough to admit it happens to me too. Here’s some of my top tis of how to overcome my creative block without any fancy trips to the mall or spending loads of money on stuff I will never use or create with. Re-organize and clean The first thing I do is clean my work space and organize all those bits and pieces that have been accumulating over the last couple of weeks. A clean work space enables me to start something new anytime I am ready, while a big mess clutters my mind and creative vision. I also often discover things I have been looking and rediscover product I have forgotten about. I also like to change some of my décor items and even re-decorate my work space at times. I keep this minimal and only use things I already have on hand or paint that is in the store room already
Purge when you buy I have set this new rule into motion in my life both personally and creatively. When I buy something new I have to give something else away – this avoids clutter and also cleans my mind and workspace at the same time. If I buy something I really want I have to give something to someone else that either needs it or can utilize it better than what I can. I have been wanting some storage trays and what lucky enough to be given some by a friend, and in exchange I could offer her something that she needed and wanted to organize her work space. This all happened through conversation and without spending money.
Rest and re-store Creative block happens when you are tired and worn out – it’s as simple as that. Knowing that you will be creative again is sometimes not enough and we try and force the issue. Just walk away…for now. Take a well-deserved break and watch a movie, vegetate on the couch, go for a walk, flip through magazines or take cat naps. Trust me your body tells you what you need and if you obey your creativity will be back in no time at all. You need time away from it all and it doesn’t have to cost money – sitting outside and just enjoying God’s creation will do wonders. 

Do something different When I get into a creative slump I usually need to paint something, anything! I always have paint at hand be it for furniture or canvas – but I can always throw paint at something and just let it be. The beauty is that even if I fail at the outcome I can always go back and paint over it again or try something else – nothing ventured nothing gained. Just get out of your comfort zone and try something else for a change – it sparks other ideas and creativity with little effort – it just happens.
Use your senses Pick up a magazine and flip through it! When was the last time you touched and felt paper in ink together instead of flipping through pages on your tablet? Instant gratification has become such an integral part of our lives that we have forgotten most of where we come from. Magazines can and still is a huge source of inspiration. It slows us down and makes us think and read and wonder – rather than speeding up your life take a moment and reflect rather than rush, create rather than just turn things out because you have to. Venture outside and just slow things down a bit.
“art washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life” Picasso 

These are simple things, but it is the things we tend to forget. I hope that in the coming weeks you will take it slow, focus on the little things because in the end they really are the big things! May your art really wash away the dust from the everyday stuff we collect along the way – may art and creativity triumph over all things negative in your life.

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