Three's a charm - Urban Market double page layout.

4:23:00 PM

I have scrapped for many years and some layouts just didn’t make the cut. Maybe it was a bad day, maybe it just wasn’t good enough for me, maybe my craft has evolved, or maybe times have just changed and I have changed. Maybe I just like the paper ranges more than ever before…
And so it is with anything creative – as we grow and change so does our creativity. Which brings us to the Urban Market range of papers by Teresa Collins? Now if you talk to anyone who really knows me, you will know that I don’t do two colours in anything – 3 or more please! But somehow this range was different, it has blue, grey and black and some white of course and that’s Ok – I could deal with no third colour until I started looking for photographs to use. And as soon as I threw in the gold I realised that to try and not live by what you believe or know or trust is simply wrong.
I have always trusted my accent or third colour as you will – because it is one of those design principles that just work. It takes a beautiful collection of paper and turns it into a layout that I can live with for years – simply charming to say the least.
So here’s my advice for today’s layout – trust your Gut instinct! And do what you love and believe in and your craft will speak to you and you will love it for always – as I will!
So back to crafting, for my layout I used only the TC papers, but when it came to adding photos and embellishments I picked out the golden hues from my photos and added that colour in the form of buttons, thread and diamonds (there’s that 3 again) and it simply lifted the layout to something that I love! It just goes to show that a few simple elements can change something in a big way.
Happy scrapping - no matter what always enjoy your creative process!

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