Beating the winter blues creatively – shopping my own stash!

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I am a winter person – I love the chill and the cooler weather and I love snow although not much of that here in South Africa. However I am also quite realistic about what the cooler weather brings. It brings a greyness over creativity, a time where things just don’t happen as quickly and passionately – it’s almost like we go into a dormant state and we need to find and discover and grow our creativity again. So how do we do that without spending too much money on things we don’t really need – but we think we do. Buying new stash doesn’t necessarily mean you will be creative – a common misconception.
One way I try and get myself to beat the winter creative blues is to shop my own stash. I stand back and just breathe for a while, to get perspective of everything around me. So this past week I took some time to dig through a pile of off-cut papers and used scraps that have been stuffed into a box under my desk, very convenient – out of sight out of mind. It’s a pile I kept after purging and giving away the rest of my scraps. And what I discovered is the most beautiful papers and scraps – the kind of scraps that really speaks to me, and they really aren’t scraps at all but rather large pieces of gorgeous papers I have used before. So I went through the pile and took out some papers and immediately I could envision a layout.
The one thing that I noticed is that it ended up being the same colour palette I have been gravitating towards for the last couple of layouts and cards – funny that. The only thing I could think of is that I am at peace, I am calm and content and in a perfect state for my own creativity. It’s a kind of peace that I always long for. The colour palette is also one that reminds me of snow and spring and beautiful moments – at the end of the day it speaks of a happy mind and soul.
for my title i used some chipboard letters embossed with AC embossing powders
The beautiful metal embellishments from Prima are unique and fun to use
I bet you know a way of beating the winter blues in your own special way 
and we would love to hear from you!
All the products used on this layout is by Prima and is from The Wholesaler - proud distributor of Prima Products in South Africa!

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