colour me random.

3:20:00 PM

colour is such an important part of everyday life - it affects us in different ways. so i have come to realize more and more that i love colour - more specific multicoloured looks. i find the colours in papers in photos in embellishments and i throw it all together and i love it. at times it may be a bit daring...ok a lot daring but most people have come to embrace my sense of adventure and love it too.

my little balloon was cut from packaging so i wouldn't have to cut up my patterned paper...yet. good old clever designers that would add such wonderful images to the back of the packages. i really appreciate the little efforts that go into the details.
and some beautiful purple handmade paper from Japan punched into a circle. funny how one changes with age. dont get me wrong - i still think i am 20. but i have come to realize that it's ok to use all those beautiful handmade papers i have been hoarding for 10 years plus now. somehow it's ok for them to find their beautiful fibers onto my works of art now - like the timing is right. and i find more and more people embrace them as well now.
my little flags at the top was embossed using a Basic Grey/ Hero Arts cling mount stamp and embossed in white on white. i then used different coloured distress ink pads to colour them and added a smaller patterned paper flag on top for effect. splashes of hidden colour peeking from behind.
Basic Grey stamp by The Wholesaler - supplier and importer of Basic Grey and other stunning products. visit the wholesaler blog for more stunning ideas using their beautiful products.

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