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we have a little more than a week to go before our first card convention. the idea behind the convention is to get the city folk out of their rut and into the country for a little R&R. nothing huge - just a couple of girls getting together to make some cards, maybe learning something new, having a couple of laughs and being treated to a beautiful day. i have a million things to do and another million ideas in my head of which half of them are not even possible. besides that i am getting ready for a huge battle with VW about my car or rather the lack of my car. then i have a pile of creative stuff i want to get cracking on, a ton of furniture to paint and a ton of things....well you get the idea. oh and then there's working on a Christmas in July project or four - oh wait it's actually more than that! what i do know is that the more you do the more you can soldier on.

but i wanted to share these cards with you just in case you did not visit here since we are in card making mode at the moment...
i love the mixture of vintage and funky elements with a splash of red

beautiful butterflies are always a winner on anything ...

buttons is a must on everything...

and cupcakes to keep us sane and to celebrate...
i hope you have a wonderful week ahead. and remember to be creative because the possibilities are endless. and visit here on Friday because i am in love with a bear....and beautiful elegant bear.

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