today was a good day.

6:14:00 PM

today was a good week long headache seemed to have taken a backseat and some of my worries seem to have dissipated a bit as well. i got the concept proof today of of my new book! this is the part of publishing that i absolutely LOVE! and it reminded me again today why i have chosen the path in life i have. I may not have ended up where i intended but i think i have gone where i intended to be instead. i get goose bumps with excitement as i think of the whole process that lies ahead this coming month or two as we proof read and check and double check and triple check and make changes and go to print! i have realized again - unless you have been in publishing before you have no clue what it really takes to get it all together, and if you have never done a full days work on a photo shoot you can't judge people by their cover, and prepared loads of copy and seen a baby through to the final wet ink can't judge people - what i am trying to get across is that most people think you sit on your ass and do very little work!
so as i enter into my favourite time of the creative process, i also enter late nights and early mornings, proof reading until the letters start jumping around and you can't focus up to the point where you want to throw up! ...and then i realise how much I love publishing!! and always will until my last breath.

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