6:30:00 PM

this afternoon we got back from the maize capital of South Africa - Bothaville.
i did a quick 1 hour presentation on scrapbooking to a bunch of ladies. we started off a bit slow with about 20 ladies and halfway through the hall was filled with curious ladies and onlookers. what touched me most is that these ladies are genuinely interested in preserving their memories and capturing their lives and i am pleased to say that i got them there...either convincing them to start or igniting an old spark! i love their enthusiasm and honesty....
i also learned a few things....
tractors and farming equipment are no longer just metal - they are hi-tech super cool and very expensive...we're talking R3.000.000.00 for farming equipment (= a lot of scrapbooking stuff)
Bothaville is far and very, very, very cold!!!
and for miles and miles and miles all you see is maize!
who knew there are thousands of different types...
anyway we had a ball but i am glad to be home!
i did manage to get a few stunning maize pics...that will soon follow in an
"a-maize-ing" layout i hope! i will be back tomorrow with another scrap and stamp Saturday challenge so watch this space!

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