a weird artistic journey

10:49:00 AM

I'm on a journey...one that is hard to comprehend. As i type this blog post I have very little blurry vision left in my left eye...it started 2 weeks ago with a simple headache and have had its ups and downs. I have been mostly down and in bed and have enough drugs in my system to outlast me. What started as a sinus infection may be something else, and can even lead to a brain scan! my biggest fear I may add! So I happened to stumble onto Rhonna Farrer's blog and got involved in her 21 day challenge. I have yet to get my entire journal idea up and running - but am only downloading the images for now - and finding inspiration to continue on my own journey.

I used a 7Gypsies folder as my cover as well as their new paper! awesome stuff! Inside will be watercolour paper that I am painting and decorating freestyle. whatever comes to mind and whatever happens. so watch this space. Oh and then to actually write down the happenings, the fears, joys and accomplishments of the past two weeks as I struggle to regain my eyesight!
Check out her site to find your own inspiration http://www.rhonnadesigns.blogspot.com/ - she truly is a master at designing and inspiration! So if you have a spare moment and feel inclined say a little prayer for me to fully recover out of this nightmare!

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