...thank you

7:11:00 AM

thank you to everyone who sent me a mail
thank you for all the prayers
thank you to all the special crafters and friends in my life
I am much better!
After repeating my prescription meds 3 times, things seem to be much better
we are hoping that the nerve around my eyes are not too badly damaged and that my sight will not be affected long term - so things are looking up
It is when you go through trying times like these that you realise again how much you depend on sight
simple things are not that easy
getting into a car and driving, sitting down to scrapbook a straight layout for class
making a cup of coffee
but above all how much we depend on God for our health and the little things as well as the big things
thanks once again for all the prayers and support!
I will be back blogging soon
i will finally get up to date with all my life commitments soon
i will be creative again and play
and i will sit down for a cup of coffee with my friends and really enjoy it for what it is!
the simple things in life not to be taken for granted!

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