Lady Pattern Paper | Anatomy Of A Single Page Scrapbook Layout.

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By now the entire scrapping and card making community is abuzz with the new range of Lady Pattern Paper Kraft Essentials. They are simply amazing and I am so chuffed to get to work with this amazing range – classy, elegant and neutral. Everything a girl could want!
I created this fun and simplistic single page layout to feature the Kraft paper as a background. I worked straight onto what-must-be-my-favourite-design-ever! Here’s a step x step Anatomy of the layout and how I created it.
step 1 - Apply a generous amount of Gesso to the background using a pallet knife. Let the Gesso dry completely or use a heat gun to speed up the process.
step 2 - Use a bright pink acrylic paint and add a layer of paint over the Gesso. Leave the paint to dry.
step 3 - Make sure you spread the paint out to a thin even layer using your palette knife. Do not cover the entire layer of Gesso.
step 4 - Once the paint is dry, use a dark brown ink and stencil a pattern onto the background.
step 5 - Use a small paintbrush and watercolours and add splats to the background.
step 6 - Select another pattern (copper dot) and cut a corner off the page. Adhere to the top left hand corner. Trim the edge using one of the barcode strip.
step 7 - Select your photo, title and other elements you want to use on your layout. Position them until you are happy with the look and then adhere them in place.
Embellish to finish off your layout.  And there you have a stunning and creative single page scrapbook layout using the beautiful new Kraft Essentials range from Lady Pattern Paper.

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