DIY Easter | Décor, Blooms and Printables.

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As part of my Easter décor, I am creating vignettes combined with beautiful delicate blooms and some gilded Easter eggs. The combination of elements together makes for a pretty visual around the home celebrating the festivities.
bought a blossom sprig from a florist and added my own paper blooms in between them to make a pretty visual. I like combining paper with other elements for a truly unique look. As part of the look, I also designed a pretty Easter wreath that you can download and print for free as part of your home décor. I added mine to a simple sale frame bought from Mr Price – I keep on recycling my frame with different printables around my home.

*To download the printable, click on the image hereunder to enlarge it, then right click and select ‘Save image as..’
step 1 - Freehand cut some circles out of pattered paper. You can use a circle punch as well or even a die-cut.
step 2 - Cut a swirl into the circles. I just eyeball them and cut them freehand.
step 3 - Use a quilling tool and start rolling your flower from the outside inward to the inside.
step 4 - Adhere your paper blooms to the blossom twig using a hot glue gun. Careful not to burn your fingers while adhering them.

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