Painted table using POP chalk paint.

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Hello and welcome to today’s blog post. I finally got around to painting some more furniture with the new POP Paint range. Well I have painted quite a lot of things but finally got around to taking the photos. And let me tell you how excited I am about it all. I painted this little treasure given to me by a special friend after she replaced it with another unit that I incidentally also painted for her.
I painted this table using a combination of Urban and Meringue paint combined together and mixed really well to form a light grey.
The great thing about the POP paint is that you can mixed dark and light colours together to for lighter shades.
So start off by mixing 1 part of the dark colour to 5 parts of the light colour.
 Mix it really well using a spatula or spoon. Add some more of the light colour until you are happy with the look.
 Paint the inside and outside of your furniture peace.
TIP: Paint a single layer and let the paint dry. Then paint another layer for a good coverage.
Avoid painting over already painted areas when they are wet as the paint will clump and become a mess.
 Once dry sand and distress the edges of the painted piece as much as you like.
 Wipe the sanded piece down and then add a coating of clear furniture wax to seal the paint and protect it from further distressing.
 I first painted the table in a layer of white before painting the grey on the outside.
Once distressed the white peaks pout from under the grey.
 I love how this unit turned out with its pretty distressed edges and beautiful curvy legs.
 I can’t wait to share some more painted home decor items with you using the beaufiul POP paint colours. Visit the website to shop your favourite paint colours.
[oh and look…if you look carefully there’s that flat spider in the bottom right hand corner]…where’s the doom.
Happy painting until next time!

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