AC cardstock handmade card in 10 minutes!

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American Crafts cardstock has grown to be one of my favourite cardstock brands. The quality and colours is what I find most appealing – and the fact that you can use it for anything is a real bonus – cardstock after all is the staple food for any serious crafter! And this is my brand choice.
So during the holidays I did some catching up on my empty card box, and tried to make some quick and easy cards to fill it so that I would be set for the coming year when I needed a quick card – and AC cardstock was perfect – bright beautiful colours and loads of texture.

Here’s how I created this 10 minute card:

  • Step 1 Die cut a project life style card using your silhouette or Cuttlebug machine – whatever you have. I used a purple colour for this part from my American Crafts cardstock pack. For my Silhouette cut, I set my machine to cut “textured cardstock” for a nice clean cut – I did need to change my blade that was well worn by now, but I loved some of the raggedy edges so just worked with the look.

  • Step 2 Use two additional colours of cardstock from your pack and cut several strips of different widths using the two colours. Don’t think just cut! Adhere the strips flush to each other on a scrap piece of white cardstock. Make sure the cardstock strips are wide enough to cover the inside of your due cut card.

  • Step 3 Adhere the die-cut card to the multi-coloured strip base so that the striped for the inside backing of the cut out. Then use your scissors and trim off the edges for a nice neat finish. Adhere the card to the front of a smooth white folded base card of American Crafts smooth cardstock and finish off with some brads and twine.

And there you have a ten minute AC cardstock handmade card ready to be used in the coming year. Card making is the perfect destresser during the holidays – so rad the kids and get creative with your cardstock!

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