Permanent stamping on plastic - Staying powder with StazOn ink

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Stamping has and will always be one of the most versatile techniques in card making and scrapbooking. Having a stamping background StazOn has never been one of my favourite inks for stamping onto paper – but when it comes to versatility it comes out tops! A Solvent based ink pad that will let you stamp onto multiple surfaces permanently and effectively opening a whole new world of creativity!
Here’s a list of some of my favourite things and tips on Stazon

  1. StazOn ink has a protective cover inside it covering the felt pad  Do not throw this cover away as this helps keep the ink wet! 
  2. Fine line images work best with StazOn ink. If your stamp image has bold areas, it can be difficult to ink thoroughly and get a solid stamped image.
  3. Due to the quick drying qualities of StazOn ink, you have to stamp immediately after inking your stamp.  If you allow the stamp to sit with the ink on it your image will not stamp thoroughly.
  4. After stamping with StazOn Ink, be certain to allow your image to dry thoroughly before adding color.  While StazOn is a permanent ink, it will smear if it is not dried thoroughly. On glass, plastic and metals you can heat set it with your heat gun.
  5. If you are working on a project and are worried about smearing, you can also add a fine layer of a fixative spray to ensure permanence.
  6. StazOn ink will stain your stamps, especially your wood blocks, to ensure that you do not discolour future projects, remove the ink from the rubber using  Stazon Stamp cleaner. The cleaner is specially formulated for this solvent-based ink.  I also use an old dishcloth to wipe my stamps making sure all the ink is removed.
  7. If you are still worried about the amount of staining you can do the following: I ink my stamp with Versamark ink first and then with Stazon, this way there is a clear layer of ink on the rubber itself and the black ink sits on top of that limiting or preventing staining.
  8. StazOn black ink is a different black when compaired to Versafine – blue black vs pitch black – some useful info in case it matters to you when stamping onto cardstock or paper.
  9. One word of warning - there are many surfaces from which it is difficult to remove StazOn ink - please keep out of reach of children! 

    WARNING: did you know? if you are prgnant there is a warning to not use StazOn ink.
One of the wonders of StazOn Ink is the number of surfaces you can stamp on with this ink!  While you can stamp on any paper (and it will be dry almost instantly depending on the paper), you can also use it on non-porous surfaces such as transparencies, vellum, plastics, leather, glass, dominoes, tiles and metal surfaces.  With the purchase of this ink, you open a whole new world of stamping crafts!

Completing my male inspired card
Because of its versatility I decided to make a male inspired birthday card. I started off stamping my train image onto a scrap piece of plastic packaging.

At the bottom of my card I used a die-cut. To add additional colour to my die cut behind the open spaces, I coloured a piece of ‘glassine’ …. Glassine is a very thin and smooth paper that is air and water resistant. It is translucent unless dyes are added to color it or make it opaque. Glassine is employed as an interleaving paper in bookbinding, especially to protect fine illustrations from contact with facing pages; the paper can be manufactured with a neutral pH, and can prevent damage from spilling, exposure, or rubbing

I used my StazOn ink pad to colour my glassine and once it was dry I added it behind my die-cut before adding it to my card.

For my embellishments I used StazOn ink and a finger dauber to ink some cream pearls and make them brown – I love how they turned out. The dauber causes a slight textured effect as you ink the pearls. Let them dry before adding another layer of ink for a nice solid covering
I also used my StazON and sponge dauber to add colour to my resin element. I simply added some ink with my dauber and then used a soft  cloth to spread out the ink and get right into the grooves – I loved the effect the brown StazOn ink had on the white.

I then sewed it onto the front of my card using my sewing machine – this adds a nice touch of texture to it, but also acts as an adhesive instead of something that will be visible from behind the plastic
 Step 1 - colour glassine on scrap paper to avoid adding ink to your cutting matt
 step 2 - place a recycled piece of plastic on white cardstock and stamp onto it using Stazon - the white background helps you see the image clearly
 TIP – to make stamping on plastic easier, I place my plastic onto a sheet of white cardstock and then stamp, this makes placement and positioning of your stamp a lot easier
 step - 3 ink your pearls using stazon to change the colour easily
 step 4 - back a die-cut with glassine coloured with Stazon ink

It just goes to show that StazOn inks can be used in various ways to alter embellishments to suit your needs!
StazOn inks are available in various colours but my favourite and most useful colours are Timber Brown, Jet Black and Stone Grey!
Products used
StazOn Ink Pad - Jet Black
StazOn Ink Pad - Stone Grey
StazOn Ink Pad - Timber Brown TSZ-41
Cartographer Collection Kit PM 990190
Time Traveler's Memories Cling Stamp PM 814021
Ingvild Bolme Resin Collection - Cherub Fireplace
PM 892036

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