Chiswick textured paper - perfect for embossing and die-cutting elements.

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I am continuing to have good fun with the Chiswick range of cardstock and textured paper pad. The paper pad is really like cardstock with a beautiful linen finish and bright bold colours. So today I am sharing a card I made using the paper pad. I pulled out a few cardstock colours and embossed and die cut the papers to create the card. The papers cut and embossed like a dream on my Cuttlebug machine – and that’s what I wanted to test – how well can they strand the test of blind embossing and how smooth is the cutting edges? Perfect on both accounts!
I picked the navy blue cardstock as my background layer and embossed it with a nice dot embossing folder. As in some heavier papers I did not have to first mist it with water – the embossing folder worked nicely as is with crisp and deep embossing. The white core in the inside of the paper made it possible for me to sand the embossing afterwards adding to the distressed and worn look – just beautiful!
 Sanding tip: If you have a sanding block like mine, place it flat with the largest surface on the cardstock and lightly in a circular movement sand the cardstock – this way you will only touch the raised surface and not remove any more of the colour than anticipated.
I used a polaroid frame type die to cut the turquoise paper – the cut was clean and neat which i liked, and yet firm enough to be handled and manhandles at the same time!
 clean and simple cuts from this paper range!
 You can dress up the cardstock cuts with inking the edges and adding patterned papers inside to form a background onto which to add your focal point elements. I added a few additional elements to dress up my gorgeous coloured papers and cardstock.

Look out for your textured paper pads at your nearest craft store or visit for more information.

Until next time! have a wonderfully creative week!

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