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Welcome to another week of Chiswick product inspiration!All the products used in this post can be viewed on-line at their website i have to start off saying that i am not a purple person! i am a blue person, and as much as i love colour there are certain things that just do not gel with me! but having said that sometimes a girl is lead into something by photos and this is one of those sometimes! so here we go....
i used a whole bunch of Chiswick ink pads this week to create custom elements on my layout! I used their gorgeous Pearlescent and dye ink pads to colour embossed paper and punched them into smaller circles and used them on my layout.
First i used the dye ink in different ways...
i embossed my cardstock using some Couture Creations embossing folders and smooth cardstock.
i then inked the cardstock by lightly rubbing the dye ink pad across the raised areas just catching the design to add colour to it - depending on how heavy your hand is, you can only ink the raised areas, or by applying a bit more pressure you can ink the areas in between as well - the choice is yours and the options are limitless
then i used another piece of embossed cardstock and the same dye ink, but this time working on my craft sheet and adding some water to create a different look
turn your dye ink pad over and press it onto your craft sheet transferring the ink onto the craft sheet
mist the ink with water until your can see the ink colour forming little drops on your craft sheet
now press the embossed piece of cardstock into the wet ink but this time using the de-bossed back side of the cardstock piece. you will lift colour onto the cardstock in selected areas adding colour - leave it to dry well before punching it into circles to use
TIP if you punch wet cardstock the paper will get stuck inside your punch and cause a jam - rather let your paper dry really well or use your Chiswick heat gun to dry the paper before punching it
I then turned to the beautiful shimmering Pearlescent ink pads to create more embossed accent circles
I used the same smooth cardstock and embossed a different pattern onto it
with my Pearlescent ink pad i repeatedly pressed the ink pad onto the cardstock adding a deep rich colour to the cardstock - i used my heat gun to dry the ink before using it. TIP This type of ink will take much longer to dry on certain types of cardstock - be careful to not use it and transfer ink onto your hands and cause smudges on your layout or photos
and just for fun i finished off my very purple layout with some of the Chiswick paper flowers
i loved using all the different shades of purple inks to create unique accents for my layout. To see all the difefrent products and additional colour choices head on over to the Chiswick website or give Denise 031- 569 6116 a call to find your closest store of your favourite Chiswick goodies

Have a wonderful and colourful week!

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